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Fishing For Hammerheads From Land

Author: Bullbuster Team

Shark Profile: The Hammerhead

#BullbusterAmbassador JD Fagan of Team Ninja Sharkers poses with a nice hammerhead he caught from the beach.

General Description:

The hammerhead is probably the most iconic shark due to its hammer shaped head and intense fighting stamina.  In general hammerheads are very inquisitive when coming in for a bait, they may circle it aggressively for 5-10 minutes, come back in and pick it up, and then drop it and never come back.  

A hammerheads great size makes it an intimidating figure to pretty much any fish that swims in the ocean. Hammerheads have been known to eat tarpon over 100 Lbs, blacktips, and even Bullsharks.

Since hammerheads grow to absolutely massive sizes they have become part of the folklore of many an inlet. Hammerheads have been given names like Big Moe and Old Hitler, and Ole Leadermouth.  When one sees a hammerhead of this size you will know why.

In Florida, this is the most iconic landbased big game species, inspiring tournaments like the Big Hammer Challenge, as well as whole angling communities like the South Florida Shark Club and the Northeast Florida Shark Club.

Identifying Factor:

Hammerhead and huge sickle like dorsal fin.

Max Size:

20 ft +

Tackle Required:

Big Game Reels:

80-130 Wide Level Drag Reels:  This is simply to put intense heat on these big fish.  The faster you land them the better they will survive.   

14/0 Senators: Upgrade your drag washers, upgrade your handle and put the pedal to the medal on the bad boys.  

Fishing Line:

125Lb -300Lb monofilament top shot with 130-200Lb braided backing.


12/0-24/0 size circle hooks  (See Choosing Shark Hooks

Shark Rig Materials:

3-4 feet of 19 wire with 20 feet of 600-1000Lb grander leader material

Fight Style:

Fast, hard, and long runs. These fish have a secret energy pack installed into their DNA.  Turn their head and get them in as quick as you can.

Important Tips For Release:

We recommend using  80Lb + drag on these fish and keeping them inside the water for the release.

Check out this video posted by #BullbusterAmbassador Landshark Fishing about properly releasing a hammerhead.  (Read The Full Article Here)