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Fishing Deep Creek Lake Maryland

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Catching Northern Pike, Smallies & more!!

On a recent fishing adventure the team traded in their saltwater gear for their hiking boots, plaid shirts, and freshwater fishing poles. We were heading to an elevation of 3000 feet in the mountains of Western Maryland to Deep Creek Lake in hopes of tearing up the walleye, small mouth bass, and getting teammate Joe on his first northern pike. Shortly after arriving at our Lakefront vacation rental home "Million dollar View" we were out on a floating dock. Pulling late spawn bass off of beds, before even unpacking our bags. The bass fell victim to a Wacky rig senko and storm wildeye minnows. We also caught sunfish and yellow perch, which fell victim to curly tail grubs on 1/8 oz jig heads all rigged up with 12 lb test Bullbuster Monofilament leader. The quality of the water was very clear and there was an abundance of grasses, rocks, and lay downs. Playing around on the docks with small jig heads we managed to catch a ton of rock bass, small mouth bass, chain pickerel, and large mouth bass. 

The next day we were up before the crack of dawn and out fishing on a windblown point with a grassy flat to the right and a deep-pocket to the left with a bridge nearby. It was a super productive area. The winds were blowing small bait fish out of the grasses over to the deep hole by the bridge. Elli was having great success on her wild eye minnow while I chose to tie on a 4-inch jerkbait which was super rewarding. I quickly found a pattern; on long cast crank down to get the lure about 10ft down, wait 15 seconds and let it sink a little more with hard double twitches, 5 second pause and half way on the retrieve they were nailing it. It was an abundance of different species in the same zone. We were catching yellow perc, red-breasted sunfish, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, chain pickerel, northern pike, and walleye. I also noticed that when the wind would withdraw the bite would leave but as soon as it picked back up like clockwork the bite would instantly turn back on. 

On a side note keeping a fishing journal and log in these types of experiences. It can be beneficial to your success as an angler as over the days, months, and years you can begin to find patterns in your data. Overall it was a super successful day we threw nothing but artificials. Most people that frequent the lake use live shiners or blood worms so we were super stoked to have such a great day on artificials. The sun was slowly setting and Elli had left the fishing spot to go prep dinner back at the Lodge, I was getting my last few cast in and POW I was hooked into something big! I have to admit I was nervous with this 8 lb braid and a 12 lb leader over a rocky drop off right near the bridge. The fish was running me left and right then trying to dig down into the rocks. After what felt like a super long fight I managed to get him up into my net and I was super stoked to see that beautiful pattern, I had done it! My first northern pike! It felt good to accomplish this feat right here in my hometown of Maryland. I called Elli on the phone and she quickly came running down to the spot to snap a picture for me she was super stoked and proud for me, and maybe a tad bit jealous until the next day when she also pulled a classic " follow that cab" and cranked in a beautiful northern pike. 

The trip was a blessing. The products from Bullbuster held up amazingly as always. We were super stoked to be out there spending more time fishing, enjoying, and learning more about our local waterways.

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