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Fish For Cobia

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Everything You Need To Know About Fishing For Cobia

In this article we go in depth on the topic of Cobia. We cover: 

  • 1) Where You Can Fish For Cobia
  • 2) How To Look For Cobia
  • 3) What Tackle You Will Need For Cobia
  • 4) How To Cook Cobia 
  • 5) We Talk A Little Bit About Cobia Aquaculture

Where You Can Fish For Cobia

In the United States, Cobia can be found along the continental shelf throughout the entire Gulf Coast, the Florida Keys, and the East Coast up until northern Virginia. They are usually found in water less than 300 feet deep and have been known to enter shallow bays where inshore fishermen make great fun of them on light tackle.

How To Look For Cobia

Look For Those That They Often Follow

Cobia schools are known to follow large turtles such as leatherbacks, bullsharks and large stingrays.  Often picking at the scraps of what the larger fish or animal has eaten or scared away.

(Photo courtesy of Miami Discount Tours.com)

Get Up In The Tower To Find Rays & Turtles

On the east coast of Florida in the late winter and early spring the cobia are migrating up the coast.  If you have a bay boat with a tower or a sportfish during this time of year you can spot packs of migrating fish.

This video shows some footage of #BullbusterAmbassador Team Swordacrazy chasing down some cobia from their bayboat’s tower.

The video below shows Bullbuster Ambassador L&H Sportfishing hooking their customers up on Cobia’s caught off of a ray.

Chum Up The Sharks Around Structure

October is a great month for catching Cobia on Rigs near Venice, LA. The photo above was taken by #BullbusterAmbassador Cpt. Jeff Sneider

If you are fishing near an oil rig or a wreck try chumming up the sharks in the surrounding area.  The Cobia will often follow close behind.  

Tackle For Cobia

Lures Or Live Bait?

Many anglers use hardy pinfish to throw at Cobia.  Since the school is often on the move, anglers will need to take multiple casts, having a hardy bait to use is a plus.  Using jigs on spinning tackle is also  a great way to target Cobia as they are more versatile for using when chasing down a school of moving fish.  In general it is good to have some jigs handy for days where either time or bait are scarce, but it is really hard for a Cobia to turn down a fresh casted pinfish.

Cobia Jigs

In areas like the Florida Panhandle where the Cobia fishing is really popular a lot of anglers make their own Cobia jigs, not all of us artistically inclined so you can always contact a custom jig maker to make some for you.

Below is a video posted on Youtube by “FlatLineCharters” on how to make your own custom jig for cobia.

What Rod & Reel Settup Should You Use For Cobia?

If you are sight casting at Cobia, you are going to want to use a spinning reel with at least a 7 foot rod, in order to get the extra distance to get your bait, jig or lure out in front of the fish.

What Fishing Line You Should Use For Cobia?

What Braided Fishing Line Should I Use?

50Lb braided fishing line is great for putting the pressure on a big cobia but it still maintains its cast-ability due to its thin diameter.

Get The Braided Line Capacity For Your Specific Reel Or Reels Here

What Monofilament Fishing Line Should I Use?

We recommend using 20-30Lb monofilament fishing line when fishing for cobia.

Find Out How Much Monofilament Fishing Line You Need For Your Specific Reel Or Reels

What Leader Material Should I Use?

40-50Lb leader is the way to go when fishing for cobia.

Should I Go With Fluorocarbon?

The short answer is it cannot hurt!  40-50Lb fluorocarbon leader is the way to go when fishing for cobia.

How To Cook Cobia

Video On How To Fillet A Cobia

** If you already know how to do this SCROLL DOWN** The Youtube channel "Dear Meat For Dinner"  has some awesome fish recipes.  Here he is giving some excellent tips on how to fillet a Cobia.  This is a great video because its step by step, if you need help on a certain part you can always pause and restart the video.  

Recipe For Blackened Cobia:

There are many ways to prepare a blackened cobia, but we think that this youtube video by "Grand View Outdoors explains it pretty well.  When we are posting recipe videos we like to find videos that show you how to do touch ups on your fillets once you are ready to cook.  Notice how the chef takes a few cuts on the already filleted Cobia to make sure she is working with the best parts of it. We hope you enjoy this video and that your blackened Cobia turns out great!

Recipe For Grilled Cobia:

This video posted by "Captain Vincent Russo"  is great because he lists all of the ingredients out before starting to show you how to cook.  You can pull this thing up in the grocery store and then watch it when you get home.  The recipe makes our mouth water.  We are a fan of the grill. If you don't have one, you better start thinking of getting one soon.  We hope this video helped you enjoy your catch and help you spend more time fishing. Cooking your fish is a great way to keep your family in mind and have them stay supportive of your fishing even if they don't understand your addiction ;) (See Our Article On - "How To Spend More Time Fishing When Life Gets In The Way")

Recipe For Pan Seared Cobia:

There are a lot of ways to pan sear a cobia, but this has to be one of the better recipes that we have seen on the subject. This video posted by "The Nuts & Boats Of Fishing & Boating" has a great video on how to pan sear your cobia.

Cobia Aquaculture

Since we are on the subject of Cobia…. Did you know that Cobia are one of most farmed tropical salt water fish?  Aquaculture is a great way to feed tons of people and reduce industrial scale commercial fishing leading to larger fish stocks for recreational anglers like yourselves.

Below is a graphic put together by a Aquaculture company marketing farm raised Cobia to chef’s around the world.

Below is a video posted on Youtube by “CappSci” of   the fish that University of Miami Scientists keep in so that they can get a “broodstock” this stock is raised into  a fingerling sized fish which is then sold to offshore commercial farms.  There are large offshore commercial Cobia farms off the coast of Panama.

Below is a video posted by Amy's island seafood that that shows you what Cobia fingerlings look like. This is the size they are when they are shipped to offshore farmers. 

Below is a video posted by B Consulting shows you what an offshore Cobia pod looks like  (The video is mostly a sales pitch for the the pod itself, but you get to see it in action):

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