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First Time Spot Turns Into A Gold Mine!

Author: The Reward Fleet

The greatest Captains find their own spots.  

They use all the knowledge they gathered through the years on the water and put it to the true test.  It doesn’t take many of years to perfect it.  It just takes a certain knack.  The water has to be your passion meaning you want to be the best.  On this particular night Captain Ryan came up BIG.  The wind direction was pointing north at an average speed.  Nothing unusual as we started another night.  As we passed the cut and chopped through waves we enjoyed the sunset.  The first spot we arrived to showed us the current was ripping.  If fact the current was so bad Captain had to pull anchor within 15 minutes with hopes for less current in shallower water.  As we finally were able to get our lines down successfully the Mangrove bite as not where we wanted it to be.  With more tails than groves on the boat we decided to hit another spot.  Only an hour left in the trip it wasn’t ideal to go very far and with most of the spots deep Captain Ryan slow cruised until he found a nice rock ledge 30 to 40 feet down.  Bernie set anchor and our lines were in once again. 

It wasn’t two minutes until there was a flock of mangroves getting pulled over the rail.  

Everyone… I mean EVERYONE was on some really nice snapper.  The bow of the boat was ripping lips with even 4oz weights!  To say the least my friend and I ended up limiting out within 20 minutes.  Nights like these are what fisherman live for.  Props to Captain Ryan for using his ninja like skills to find the mangroves blinded like that.

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