Bullbuster In Action:

First Of The Season

Author: Jeff Reyes

Spring Texas Landbased Shark Fishing

      During the week the water was flat and the color change was close in, making it near perfect conditions to fish. School gets in the way as usual and doesn't allow me to go down to the beach and fish. I'll just wait for the weekend in hopes of the water still being flat (like that was going to happen).  

      I head down to the water Friday night in hopes of catching bait and kayaking them out in the morning. After arriving to the beach, i quickly notice the wind pushing hard from the south. I did some bait fishing with no luck so i went to sleep and waited for the morning. 

     Due to my recent trips ending in cutoffs and me being too lazy to run a float, i was not able to retrieve my leaders or the braid I lost. I ended up tying a fresh 125lb bull buster top shot. After rigging up, I decided that I would just use the bait I had brought instead of trying to catch fresh bait. I rigged up the piece of  stingray, and got ready to kayak.

Oh yea, i forgot to mention the surf had Picked up a bit. 

      I battled a strong current and 20mph south winds to get a bait out. I was able to get out about 400 yards, I dropped the bait and rode a couple waves back to shore,  'twas fun. Now all i could do is wait for run and fish for bait. With little to no luck catching bait and the rod not taking off yet, i spent the next hour or two removing seaweed from my line. 

     I finally decided to give up fighting the seaweed and sit down in the shade. After an hour or so, i see my rod slack up. I thought i got cutoff, i walked down to my rod and i see my line pick back up off of the ground. The line gets tight and the rod bows over, fish on! 

      After a quick fight, i send my buddy out to leader the fish. A fiesty bull in the 5 foot range, not the biggest but better than nothing. After dehooking the fish and snapping a couple pics i sent the little bull back to where he came from.  Due to me having an essay due at midnight, we packed up and went home, not bad for a couple hours of fishing. 

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