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First Hammerhead In Florida

Author: Team Reel Deal

July 4th Landbased Hammerhead

Hammerhead Shark Caught From Land

July 4th 2017

The day started off late we got rigs made and loaded the truck for the drive south. Joe and myself got to the spot and got everything ready to kayak baits. The first baits we used were blue fish and a jack. I took both baits out and dropped them about 400 yds. We haven't gone shark fishing in over a month because of work. But we were stoked to see what the day would bring. 

"Finally after a month of not fishing we were bowed up."

The day was very slow and I was not very confident we would catch anything. 4 hours passed with no bites and Joe decided to check his bait and it was untouched. I decided to let mine sit for another hour or so. He baited his back up with a half a trout and went and made a 600 yd drop and the wait was on again. 

The weirdest thing happened, I fell asleep and finally I was woken up by my 80w screaming. I let the shark take a good bit of line before setting the reel to strike. Finally after a month of not fishing we were bowed up. It took about 20 minutes or so to land this shark and to my surprise it was a decent size hammerhead. We got the tail rope on and took a couple quick pictures and let him go to fight another day. 

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