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Fire For The End Of The Month

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

August San Antonio Texas Lake Fishing Report

August 30th, the day I started at one lake and decided to travel a couple more miles to another local lake in San Antonio because I heard that the fish were moving and being caught.

Early morning I tried my luck at Brauniq lake in San Antonio, Texas with Redfish in mind and I wasn’t going to give up until I had my drag screaming. The bite was slow and baits were soaking for hours, with live tilapia, blue gills, shrimp and fishbites. While waiting for a bite, I was on Facebook at the local fishing forums to see what everyone was up too and to get more information on what was being caught and where. Then I realized I was at the wrong lake with the right bait.

As I started to taking out my rods and reels and get settled to move lakes I had in mind still that I wanted a redfish. Creating a game plan and staying positive I arrived at Calaveras Lake and it seemed pretty empty, so I made my way to the Flats which is the right side of the lake near Boat Ramp #2.

As friends began to show up and even my grandfather showed up, but the best part was that the Reds even started to show up. With everyone around and Reds starting to turn up, it was game time. The Ticket to catching them at this point was head in shrimp with some fishbites.

Now that there has been 6 reds caught total within everyone and the bite starting to slow down, friends start to leave and I decided that I would continue fishing for anther hour and then head home when it was dark, and I am sure glad that I stuck with my gut instinct because in the next hour I SLAMMED 7 keeper redfish and decided to leave and the following week I caught up with one of my buddies that decided to stay and he said they continued to come in and he caught another 10 and just kept releasing them back to fight another day. All in all the last couple of days of August were first at the lakes here in San Antonio. 

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