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Female Angler Lands Her PB Shark 9 FOOTER 300LBS!!

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Land Based Shark Fishing - 2020

Elli and I are proud ambassadors of the Bullbuster brand. We have total trust and confidence in their fishing line, from years of success catching and landing giant fish on their products. With that being said this 2020 fishing season Elli and I vowed to push ourselves and the Bullbuster lines to new limits and heights. So here in the hometown stomping grounds of Maryland we've traded in our 30 wides, 50 wides, and 80 wides for a Daiwa Saltiga SALD 50 2 speed lever drag and a Shimano Speedmaster ll in hopes of catching, tagging, and releasing the same large caliber size of sharks that we do with our aforementioned larger game reels. We managed to squeeze 500 yards of 50lb test Bullbuster braid with a 100-yard top shot of 80 lb Bullbuster mono onto the Saltiga and Speedmaster.

So last weekend we went down to the docks and grabbed a bunch of big eye tuna carcasses and headed to the beach the next morning at 3 a.m. for some land based shark fishing. With two 10 lb tuna heads loaded up in the kayak and two 40 oz chunks of lead to hold them in place. We were off through the surf into the morning sunrise to deploy the bait. I used a double hook rig that I often use with larger baits to give me a better hook up ratio in case a shark comes by and short strikes it, I still have a chance of catching him on the stinger hook. It was a good thing that I did because a 5'1/2 Sandbar shark decided to come by and bite my tuna head in half and luckily I caught her on the stinger hook. I must admit it's a lot more thrilling fighting a shark on lighter braid anticipating a line snap at any minute but the Bullbuster braid held up great. I fought the shark in, landed, tagged, and released her.

Shortly after that Elli's Speedmaster screamed with a massive run. She grabbed her rod from the holder and set the hook and realized she was hooked into a massive beast. I could tell it was a good one when I saw Elli sit down on her butt and fight the shark from the sand. In total the fight lasted for around 40 minutes Elli would gain a few yards of line then the shark would take it right back. The most nerve-wracking and suspenseful part was watching the uni to uni mono to braid connection knot play tug-of-war from the rod tip back into the ocean for what felt like forever, before she finally got the mono top shot on the reel and we both sighed with relief. Not long after that I saw the grander leader swivel emerge from the water and I grabbed a hold of it and realized that this shark was massive. It was too heavy for me to pull in by myself, Elli dashed to put her rod in the holder and come down to help me drag it in. Ursula we called her because of her massive size and ngarley appearance. Her skin was wrinkled and she had multiple rust colored spots. Unfortunately we had used the last shark tag on my shark so we didn't have a tag to insert in her. Elli grabbed a quick pic with a shark and it took both of us to drag her back in. The large female shark measured in at over 9 ft long with an estimated weight of 300 pounds. Elli's new personal bests Sand Tiger. Amazingly and satisfyingly caught from the land on 50 lb test Bullbuster braid. It was a true accomplishment for Elli and one I'm sure she will be proud of for a long time to come.

(This is what action shots while shark fishing look like)

So after this experience Elli and I have even more faith and confidence in Bullbuster fishing line. In retrospect it's quite funny now as I have trusted Bullbuster line for so long that when my "main" line (pun intended) is out of stock and I'm forced to spool up with something like Power Pro it makes me nervous. As always spend more time fishing and we will catch you on the next tide!

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