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Female Angler Lands 8ft Sand Tiger Shark

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

To All Of The Lady Anglers In LBSF

The day had begun slow. We arrived on the island early that morning. Our baits had been soaking for about 4/5 hours. We were minutes from packing up when I landed a healthy 8ft Sand Tiger. Not even two minutes after releasing the shark, and the other rod took off, the Avet 80w screaming. Elli was on it dashing to grab the rod. 

The thrill of the fight captivated her. Her smile was large and unbreakable. To soon to celebrate. The shark fought hard before running the line straight in. She was constantly playing catch up and pumping hard to catch the shark. The sun was hot, beaming in full effect. But it wouldn't slow her or the shark. After about 15 minutes the shark was in.  I grabbed him by the tail. Another 8ft Sand Tiger shark. Back to back Sand Tigers. Both caught on a chunk of skate and a whole bunker. Baits kayaked about 500 yard into the Atlantic (learn why mono topshot is important). Perfect hook set, easily removed. 

Elli's smile never faded. She grabbed a quick picture. We didn't waste any time getting him back in the water. We watched as the shark swam off into the distance. We celebrated, extremely happy with our catches. Perfect catch, beautiful release. The gear withstanding the tough beast and the girl enduring the short battle. Enough joy to get you through the work week, at least. Packing up their gear they both left with smiles. Mission accomplished. They would return the following weekend with no luck. 

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