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Fall Striper Fishing - Ocean City 2019

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Fishing For Stripers From Land In Ocean City

When the air temperatures and water temperatures start dropping here in Maryland the bait fish begin to pour out of the rivers. Where the striped bass are waiting in ambush mode. Any structure or bridge near the mouth of a river is golden. So this past weekend we did just that. This time of the year the rockfish aren't that picky. 

They can be caught on crabs, live baitfish, cut baits, plugs, jigs, and spoons. It's a special time of year because they can be caught in numbers. They also can be found at night under dock lights and bridge lights in big schools which we located and targeted this past weekend.

The day began with us staging up on a bridge near a Inlet in the back bay. We were using different baits but the most productive one was crabs. The rig used was a simple knocker rig a 40-lb length of Bullbuster filament a 1 oz egg sinker and a size 3 owner hook. Hook a piece of crab, live sand flea, bait fish, or cut a chunk and drop it down near any structure on the bridge. You can drop it down in the current and drift it under the bridge by letting out line.

It didn't take long until we were sticking multiple species of fish. The striped bass were staged up everywhere just waiting for forage to come through in the current. And by dropping a bait right against a piling or structure you can catch tautog and plenty of sea bass. The fish were abundant we had to weed through tons of smaller ones to find the keepers but they were there.

Teammate Elli got blessed with a rare catch for up here in Maryland as she carefully fought this fish out of the pilings and pulled him to the surface. What we saw appear was an almost 4lb Pompano. We were super stoked and relieved once we got him in the bridge net and hoisted him up. Unfortunately we didn't have a scale and Elli did not want to keep and kill it to get it registered for state record so we snapped a few pics and released it. 

Friends of ours were also catching sheepshead on pieces of green crab. It ended up being a super highly productive day with multiple species of fish landed in numbers. But when the sun went down is when the heat really turned up. We found schools of striped bass under every bridge light exploding on peanut bunker. We started casting live bait into the schools and hooking up left and right. 

It was an epic time we were flipping 15-30-inch stripers over the bridge railing with complete confidence in our 30lb Bullbuster mono and braid. We thought it was odd that we didn't hook up on any flounder or bluefish. We can't wait to head back every possible weekend to tear them up again. We spend as much time fishing as possible and the smoothness and reliability of ordering from bullbuster.net makes it an easy task for us so get out there and spend more time fishing.

Watch Our Video On Ocean City Bridge Striper Fishing Below

This video above features our Ocean City Maryland Winter Bridge Striper Fishing report.

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