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Every Fishermen's Dream On A Monday

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

With Texas Heat this summer in the high 90s and even 100s, fishing days seems more stressful.

Then this weekend in San Antonio storms start to roll threw very fast coming from the north and in my mind good luck with north winds, but managed no fish all weekend with live tilapias, fishbites, shrimp and crawfish all in the water. So then I got the call every fisher looks forward too, NO WORK ON MONDAY, work will consume on Tuesday so stay tuned. In my mind that’s always a plus, so I got loaded up and headed to the lake to get some lines wet for a couple hours. Arrived on scene and loaded up a couple rods and opened up shop for a day of destruction. Lines all tied and searched for some live bait but came up with a couple.

The water Temperature seemed unreal as I realized the temperature outside was in the 90s and the Power Plant was on and pumping fast and I was just in the mist of it all. Still managing to wade out in the scorching water temps and casting a couple baits including tilapia, fishbites and shrimp; two far and two short.

After a couple hours of baits soaking I decided to re-bait and at that time Ambassador Chris Meza shows up and joins me to try for a couple of “Monsta Fishin”. After he realized the temperature of the water he decided that one rod and reel was enough and casted out in front of the Reeds and I decided to cast out at the very tip of DEAD TREE at Brauniq Lake.

After realizing that that familiar sound was in the matter of seconds I was off running and setting the hooks until Chris realized why I was running. After handing off the rod and catching my breath, he managed to catch a 32in redfish with fishbites and YahMon bait. After this I realized the fish were a little more shallow so re-casted one out shallow with head on shrimp and placing it as far a could get it from us, not realizing that I would have to run if a fish were to bite.

Then it happened, the shallow, farthest rod hits and drag running for minutes until I can manage to run over in Crocs and grab the rod and fight the fish, realizing that Chris has broken the ICE and I was going to land my fish and we were going to be happy fishermen today. So I managed to reel in a 27inch redfish and dang was I in a better mood.

After a long weekend we managed to grab a couple of freshwater redfish on a Monday while everyone was out working and the boat traffic and volume of noise was to slightly none. I’ve come to realize that this makes a huge difference in fishing. The less noise and movement in the water, the better the fishing. Also as I Fillet the fish I went for a scavenger hunt in his belly to try and figure out what they have truly been feeding on because 1st they were in the shallows and second this red fish was caught on Fishbites. After a further inspection these reds were in fact feeding on tilapia in the shallows and had two of the in its belly. And fishermen always tell me my baits are two big and redfish had two tilapia one 4inches and the other 3inches. Shoot they even corner there mouths with my giant 7/0 circle hooks every time. 

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