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EPIC Permit Bridge Fishing Report!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Permit Fishing On Keys Bridges

Alright Let's talk Permit! This is generally one fish that most people think you need to either be on a wreck or flat, somewhere in the keys to catch. Permit are a fish that many would never expect to be caught off a bridge. I think they are made out to be this highly prized gamefish placed on a throne, far above the ranks of others. 

Well let me be the first person to tell you, that although I think Permit are Bada$$ fish, they're slightly overrated. They resemble the jack crevalle and that is mainly what they fight like, expect for one not so little difference. Permit are the college educated cousins to the hillbilly Jack crevalle. Both make incredibly fast and powerful runs and have tremendous power, behind their broad bodies. although the Permit is far smarter! 

We caught all our fish on a mix of Live and Dead blue crabs, all sight fished from on top of the bridge. We used 40lb Bullbuster Fluorocarbon leader and they didn't even second guess inhaling our crabs. I even got two permit to eat my Imitation shrimp DOA lure!!! 8-9ft rods paired with 6-10k sized spinning reels made the perfect pari for pitching crabs at these yellow bellied fish. 

These fish have  earned my respect and we pleased every one to fight another day. Although Permit make excellent table fare, the area in the keys where we fished was in a SPZ (special Permit Zone) and the season was closed. 


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