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Top 10 Fishing How To Articles

Bullbuster is not just the worlds first brand direct fishing line saving you time and money when you buy your fishing line, but a thriving community of online anglers with a goal to spend more time fishing. 

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1) Drop A Mean Fishing Rhyme!

Ok, so this article won't teach you how to Rap yourself, but we know you'll enjoy these. 

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2) How & Why To Tie An FG Knot - 

This article posted by Landshark fishing is a great guide to everything FG Knot. 

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3) How To Set Up For Bluefins On Spinning Gear

If anyone knows how to catch Bluefin Tuna on spinning gear its The Tree Guy and his pals up in Rhode Island.

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4) The Haywire Twist Are You Doing It Right?

Are you making these mistakes when it comes to twisting wire?

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5) Best Recipes For Meatfish Season

Once you fill up your box during meat fish season, its time to hit the kitchen. 

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6) Pick Your Lures For Back Country Fishing

What is in your inshore tackle box?

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7) Learn How Tie Tie The Most Important Knots

There are tons of knots out there, some of them are more important than others to know. 

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8) Learn How To Make A Basic Weight For Landbased Shark Fishing

There is no better weight to keep your bait from being pushed in from the waves, than a good heavy rock. 

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9) 5 Best Landbased Shark Fishing Bait

Check out this countdown of the best land based shark fishing baits. 

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10) Comprehensive Guide To Night Time Swordfishing

If you want to get into night time swordfishing then this is the guide for you. 

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