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Easter Weekend Redfish On Fire

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

The Easter bunny isn't who we are hoping to hook this weekend, we are chasing a different kinda species/animal down in south TEXAS this past Friday. 

Easter Weekend was upon us and I needed some fishing in my life after a long week of work. So to the lake in the early morning it was. By the time me and ambassador Chris Meza got to the lake on Friday morning, the Easter crowd was already everywhere and fishing spots were already taken and tons of people camping. So we had to move fast to try and still find the fish. Then I remembered a tip from my cousin who does a lot of boat fishing at the lake Albert Soto, he told me the reds are still in the channels and haven’t migrated out because the tilapia are still deep and haven’t moved out. So I decided to fish a different spot, which happened to be completely open upon arrival.

Bullbuster Leaders made, rods made and bait fresh, so I decided to put my waders on and cast and hit over 100 yards with a full Crawfish and a Piece of Fishbites to see what would happen.  As I waded out to cast my first rod, I realized the water temperate was a little warmer than usual and that was a great sign. So as I walked back to the bank to hand my rod and reel to angler Chris Meza he tells me that my rod was already hung up on something and I told him that he was crazy and as I said that the drag starts peeling off and I was instantly hooked to the first redfish of the day a 31 inch.

From that moment forward we knew it was going to be a good mornings of fishing. Chris went on to catch a 30 inch redfish and myself took out 4 more redfish a 32, 34, 35 & and a 21 inches. All fish were caught with fresh crawfish and piece of Fish bites for extra scent and more support to help the crawfish stay on the hook because of how they are constructed with almost like a medical mesh in the middle of the fish bites.

After running out of crawfish and the lake becoming more and more crowded we decided to head out and make a couple stops at Bass Pro Shop and local Rod and reel shop ‘Matthews Rods and Reels” for a which fix on tackle and baits for our next trip down south.

·      Bait :

o   Live Crawfish

o   Fishbites (shrimp Flavor)

·      Species:

o   Redfish

·      Carolina rig Leaders

o   4oz egg weight

o   7/0 Circle hook

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