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Dusky Sharks On The Move

Author: Team Reel Deal

North Carolina Landbased Shark Fishing (Emerald Island)

Dusky Shark North Carolina

What a great weekend in Emerald Isle NC. Our trip started Friday night driving 6 hrs from Maryland to North Carolina. We made it there at 2 am Saturday morning got some rest and headed to the beach around 8 am. A friend of ours met us at the spot to give us some Bonita for bait. The weather was over cast and was ready to get some baits out. The first bait was dropped and I made it back to the beach and as my buddy in the second picture was taking his bait out my rod started screaming. I didn't know what to do so I ran over and quickly set the hook and we had what felt like a small shark on. It was really rough as I was watching his rod making sure the reel didn't get tangled up and trying to keep my rod tight. Unfortunately we didn't land that shark my line went slack and he was gone. Wasn't but an hour or so later my buddy Mikey got hooked up to his 7.5 ft dusky and that was his first as well got that tagged and released.

Dusky Shark North Carolina

A few hours went by and all was quite until around 5 when Tyler's 80w started screaming. Took about 30 min to get the dusky in the first pic to the beach but got that one tagged and released as well. Picture doesn't do justice but we measured that one at 116 inches. I must say that our one day trip was a success. We will be heading down next Friday to do another day fishing trip joyfully we can land a giant for our last trip of the season. If your looking for good quality  fishing line at an affordable cost go to bullbuster.net and when your checking out use promo code CJONE to get 10% off your order.