Bullbuster In Action:

Dry Spell Finally Lifted.

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Over and over and over again and still no fish being caught,

I’ve traveled from San Antonio to Corpus Christi to Port Aransas and even further south to South Padre Island for the GO BIG OR GO HOME fishing tournament hosted by the Fishing Locos group in South Texas and still come out with no fish. It has been over a month or two since I have hooked a fish I can brag about.

Trying all the spots on my map and places that I have gotten nice fish and still nothing. From day fishing to night fishing and I cant seem to find my rhythm but everyone else around me seems to be doing just fine,


Until one of my buddies tells me its time to switch it up and buy a new rod combo and just maybe I will be doing something right. So that’s exactly what I did I went out and purchased a Penn Conflict 8000 spinning reel and a 12ft Penn Prevail spinning rod to combine and make an ultimate combo for anything, especially topping it off with 40lb  Bullbuster Braid and a breakaway cannon for casting.

It seemed just right for lake fishing and surf fishing so I come back to my Home time and head to the local lake, Calaveras off of HWY 181 and 1604 where friends are camping out and kayaking. Upon arrival my buddies tell me they haven’t caught anything all day or night and I tell them that I was going to fish anyways because I needed a redfish in my life and it had been to long so I got out and catch me some fresh tilapia wit the cast net and I ask one of my buddies to kayak my bait to the edge of the channel because I didn’t want to risking losing this beautiful tilapia by casting it and it coming off the hook so he kayaks it out about 150+ yards and so we waited a couple hours and started cooking some meat and hanging out and out the corner of our eyes a rod smacks and drags peeling well it just so happens to be my new fishing combo and how boy am I excited to finally be reeling in a fishing  on my rod and reel. Just so happens to just under 30Inches and with that I tell they fellas that I was done fishing because I had caught a FISH, but still fished. 

After that happened they all realized the fish have moved into deeper waters with the hotter weather and so they kayaked a couple more baits out into the deeper waters and the waiting game came and went and two more redfish were caught one by Ambassador Chris Meza and another by a fellow fishermen but these measuring over 30inches. All in all I broke my spell and will still continue to fish even thought I don’t catch because

The sport is called fishing and not catching

With patience all thing are possible even monster fish. 

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