Bullbuster In Action:

Doubled Up

Author: Jeff Reyes

Landbased Shark Fishing In Texas

     Planned on rolling down to the beach in hopes of targeting sharks on castouts. Packed up the car early Friday morning and got to the beach around sunbreak. Catching bait was the first thing we had to do, so we set up the bait rods with shrimp and fish bites. After catching a couple hardheads and whitings we set up our casted gear. 

       Seaweed was semi bad so we had to constantly walk out and take weed off of our lines. Action was slow on castouts so I yaked a bait to the second gut, after coming in we had a small run and missed it. I left it out knowing that the bait was still on the hook. We re baited our castouts and waited again. I saw a guy down the beach hooked up so I walked down to see what he had and left my brother watching the rods. Knowing as soon as I left the rods we're going to get hit or he was going to hook up. 
      After a couple minutes of being at the camp down the beach I looked back and seen my brother bowed up so I run back to help him. As soon as I get there the other rod takes off and we're doubled up on some little bulls. 

Texas Bullshark From The Beach

We didn't get to take a doubled up pic since we were only two deep. But after a few pics and being dehooked we made sure to send them off on their way to be caught again some other day. 

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