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Doubled Up!

Author: Southend Shark Fishing

Night filled with multiple land-based sharks and Bull Reds.

Good morning everyone! Tripp with Southend Shark Fishing here. Before we head out for the day, we wanted to share an awesome Florida winter night filled with multiple land-based sharks and Bull Reds. But by far the peak of the night was when our Finnor Santiago 80W and Penn Spinfisher 6500 went off at the same time. 

Doubled up on a Bull-shark and a Redfish.

Anyone who has ever been doubled up with multiple big fish knows just how big of a rush it can be and how much pressure it can put on you and your gear. It can also be very difficult to get a great picture with multiple big fish at the same time since a healthy tag and release is always our first priority. Nights like that night are why we do what we do! Keep on fishing! #SESF

doubled up, a bull shark and a redfish

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