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Double Duskys

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

North Carolina Summer Landbased Shark Fishing

Driving from Maryland to North Carolina on another fishing adventure. The drive around 6 hours, which quickly passed by with thoughts of fishing and good tunes. Arriving mid night, drained and ready for sleep. We rested for an early start in the morning. Right on time, we excitedly stepped on the beach. Something about the sand was different from my normal fishing grounds. The surf was perfect for dropping baits. The sunrise was amazing, the smell of salt lingered in the air. We readied all the gear with piece of mind, knowing that our Bullbuster line would hold up. Conditions were perfect and we knew we would get a bite.

The kayaking was amazing, baits deployed, and the fishing began. We had a few decent runs with screaming drag unfortunately all baits were dropped. The cooler was empty. We had to make a bait run to the local fish market on the island. They were able to provide us with some fresh fish carcasses. Which appeared the perfect bait.

Hours later, a teammates rod took off. The reel was singing. He was bowed up on a 7ft dusky shark. While he was fighting it one of my rods started screaming. We were doubled up. Dropping mid conversation Elli took off for the rod. She quickly set the hook and slipped into a harness. The thrill of the fight overtook her. She was entirely consumed in it. Hooked on a feeling reeling the Avet 80w, custom rod. A beautiful 6ft dusky exposed himself in the surf as the fight was ending. Pumping hard she was able to get the shark in before my previous teammate I mentioned. Her face exposed her love for fishing. There were some speculations in regards to the species of shark. We ultimately concluded that the species was a dusky. The shark was released and swam away healthy. Then the other shark was in. Another healthy dusky this one 7ft, he was quickly released. Beautiful work from both teammates. 

Another productive trip. Blessed to have great gear that never fails and the friends I made are amazing. I truly appreciate their kind hospitality. We will be heading back to North Carolina in two weeks, after we stock up on some Bullbuster gear.

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