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Double 40 Blues

Author: Team Reel Deal

Crazy Day Fishing Ending Up Getting two 40Lb Blues!

Sunday March 11th we got the day started at 5am and headed back down to the lower Potomac to fish for the big blue cats as the season is ending down there. Once the water temps get to 70 degrees you have all the boat traffic coming back out and the bite turns off. Had some boat problems and had to buy a new battery for the boat. I had a good feeling about the day and thought that I fixed the problem I would find out that that wasn't the case. For some reason I couldn't get the boat on plane and what usually takes me 5 mins to get to the creek to catch bait took 25 min. But I wasn't going back to the dock and calling it a day I had to get out and get my friend on some fish. So we got the gill net out and caught enough bait for the day, and went right across the river into the channel where I never fished we would find out soon that it was a blessing that the motor was acting up cause I would have never stopped to fish in this spot if the motor been running fine. So we anchored up and it only took maybe 10 minutes to land this first 40lb blue Cat Fish. The bite was on fire we hooked up to 3 more smaller blues in the 20-30lb range. About 30 minutes later the rod doubled over and we got the second 40lb Cat Fish of the day. After that spot the bite started to die off and caught maybe 2 or 3 more fish that weren't picture worthy. Team reel deal will be heading back down tomorrow morning March 18th, to try some new spots and hopefully get one 50lbs. All the fish we catch are on bullbuster fishing line... If you are looking for some great line and at a great price go with bullbuster, and when your checking out use promo code cjone to get 10% off your order.

Tight lines my friends. 

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