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Cubera Snapper

Author: Logan Bergamo

I’ve been on the hunt for Cubera Snapper for almost a year now. I started to see more and more of them after I started fishing the Sebastian Inlet which I’ve been fishing since I was 13 years old, at the beginning of this year I made a list of fish I wanted to catch and the Cubera Snapper was one of the more challenging ones on the as it almost took me a year to finally land one. I started off fishing for them here and there but never really set out to catch one until this past Sunday after I heard the bite was really good on Friday from a couple local buddy’s, so Saturday night after I got off of work I went looking for bait which in this case was larger shrimp, after shrimping through two tides I headed out too the north side of the Sebastian Inlet state park where I would be targeting the Cubera at the tide was still going out so I decided to catch a couple snook as I waited for tide switch. The tide switch and the bite was on, first bite down I hooked up almost instantly unfortunately I ended up losing that one and I lost several more. After watching everyone around me landing there first Cubera and pulling a hook in the net I finally got a great hook set on what would soon be my first cubera snapper. I couldn’t of done it without tips and pointers from local Legend Zombie Tide Dave. I also couldn’t of done it without OWNER HOOKS making one of the strongest littlest j hook in the market, being that cubera are very picky and smart smaller hooks are the way to go buy finding on stronger enough to with stand the power the cubera snapper has is hard to find but OWNERS 1/0 Gorilla Light j hook did the trick for me. Attached to my Owner hook was a 6 foot leader of bullbuster 30lb fluorocarbon which to the rocks like a champ. But overall cubera snapper in my opinion is probably one of the hardest fighting fish pound to pound inshore and is definitely a catch I’ll never forget.

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