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Crushing Bluefish On Poppers

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Catching Bluefish From The Jetty

With the end of winter the Spring run of Fish generally means we get a nice push of bluefish, pompano, mackerel and other species that migrated down to their winter grounds back in fall. 

I took a visit to one of my favorite spots to fish as a land based angler in Florida, Sebastian Inlet. Lots of life and diversity is available at both the North and south jetties. On this particular day, the school sized bluefish were running. My buddy Chris and I started catching one after another on the outgoing tide, all on poppers. The technique was to let the popper flow out of the inlet with the outgoing tide and work it back against the moving water. The Bluefish were going ballistic on the poppers and nothings beats the sight of an aggressive fish trying to eat a big obnoxious wooden plug chugging along.


We ended up catching around 30 bluefish between the two of us , with the majority being released and keeping around a dozen for the dinner table. All fish were caught on 40lb bullbuster braided fishing line and 60lb fluorocarbon leader. Believe it or not these bluefish can be leader shy and this is where fluorocarbon shines during daylight hours! The bluefish made for an excellent baked fish dinner, despite the Trash fish label so many give them. 

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