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Circle Vs. J Hooks

Author: The Shark Boys

Choosing Your Shark Hooks (Circle Hook Vs. J Hook)

There are many benefits to using different kinds of hooks while fishing. However, which hook is the best for sharks? Personally, we use circle hooks but there is reasons why many people would not feel comfortable using them.

Circle Hooks For Shark Fishing


The pros of using circles hooks are that when you get a hook set, it will 99% of time be hooked right in the corner of the mouth. This allows the release to go much quicker and cause less harm to the fish. Also, circle hooks prevent loosing fish. If you hook a shark with a circle hook there is going to be no way for that shark to pull the hook. You are almost guaranteed you will bring that fish in (unless there are other flaws to your rig). 


The con is that it is much more difficult to set a hook because the fish has to basically set it itself. If you pull on a circle like you are going to set a hook on a J, the circle hook will just pop right out the sharks mouth. 

J Hooks For Shark Fishing

That leads me to J hooks. J hooks will give you a much better hook set because if you feel a fish biting you have the ability to set the hook at your own leisure. Unfortunately, this almost always results in gut hooking fish. A lot of times when you gut hook a fish, it is going to be impossible to get that hook out. I mean who wants to stick their hand down a sharks throat to retrieve a hook? Most people end up just cutting the line and leaving the hook with the shark so at least the shark can swim off and not spend too much time out of water. In New Jersey, they have just made it mandatory that sharks are caught with circle hooks. Luckily, we prefer the circle hook so not much is changing for us. However, many shark fisherman (boat and land based) are used to using J hooks so it does make your fishing style change. Personally, if you do want to get into shark fishing, we would recommend using circle hooks. It is much more safer for the fish and decreases out of water time greatly. To keep up to date with us, follow our instagram

-The Shark Boys

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