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Chasing Exotics

Author: Double Threat Charters (Alumni)

Miami Charter Boat

As the captain of a charter boat, it is my job to put people on fish for a living. I need to be consistent and relentless when it comes to getting the rods bent. I love what I do but there are some realities about the job. We often battle time restraints, seasickness, and operate on a fuel budget.

We definitely have stellar days with hardcore groups and love taking advantage of banner days close to home. Regardless, there are definitely exotics that we don't get to target very frequently. 

The South Florida fishing scene is filled with center consoles, massive sportfishes, and deep pockets. If fuel and time aren't a factor, crews often broaden their horizons so they can crush it on every trip. Chasing exotics often puts South Florida crews throughout the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, Cay Sal, the Dry Tortugas, and even more far away destinations. 

Exotic Fish By Season In South Florida

The craze is very seasonal and usually as follows.

Summer Time Exotics

- Summertime means Marlin. South Florida fisherman are usually littered throughout the Caribbean during summer. Some fish Chub Cay but many make it as far as the Dominican Republic chasing blue and white marlin. Some crews even venture north up the eastern seaboard fishing marlin tournaments as far north as Oregon Inlet.

Blue Marlin In Miami

Fall Exotics

- During fall, many south Floridian find themselves back at home. With tougher weather and marlin now a distant memory, hardcore crews are typically weather window fishing. During fall many crews make quick getaways to the Bahamas to high speed troll for wahoo. In addition, daytime swordfishing is best during fall.  This can be taken advantage of out front or during quick trips to the Florida keys. 

Swordfishing In Miami

Winter Exotics

- Winter time means sailfish! Most crews are right at home during the colder months taking advantage of South Florida's prized fishery. There are countless sailfish tournaments throughout South Florida and many teams spend their trips trying to catch double digit sails.

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Sailfish In Miami

Spring Exotics

- Spring is also a great month off Miami. Their are meatfish tournaments in addition to sailfish tournaments. With  blackfin tuna, kingfish, sailfish, and more just a few miles offshore, many South Florida teams are content fishing off Mimi this time of year. There is however an exotic that fishermen yearn for during springtime... Yellowfin tuna can be thick in the northwest passage of the Bahamas. Center consoles often sabiki thousands of pilchards before doing short trips and live chumming for these yellowfin. 

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Yellowfin Tuna Miami

South Florida is definitely the fishing capital of the world but if you expand your horizons, the Caribbean is teeming with possibilities.  

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