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Catching Mako Sharks From The Beach

Author: Bullbuster Team

Shark Profile: The Mako Shark

#BullbusterAmbassador Joey Polk from team True Blue poses with a 700LB+ mako he caught on the beach.

General Description:

Mako sharks are one of the rarest landbased catches.  Although #BullbusterAmbassador Team True Blue seems to have them figured out.  These fish are not only extremely strong and acrobatic fighters but they have some tasty steaks!

Identifying Factor:

Blue skin tone, and wild teeth!

Max Size:

15+ ft

Tackle Required:

Big Game Reels:

80-130 Wide Level Drag Reels:  This is simply to put intense heat on these big fish.  The faster you land them the better they will survive.   

14/0 Senators: Upgrade your drag washers, upgrade your handle and put the pedal to the medal on the bad boys.  

Fishing Line:

125Lb -300Lb monofilament top shot with 130-200Lb braided backing.


12/0-24/0 size circle hooks  (See Choosing Shark Hooks

Shark Rig Materials:

3-4 feet of 19 wire with 20 feet of 600-1000Lb grander leader material

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