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Can You Catch Peacock Bass At Night?

Author: Albert Acosta

Fishing For Peacocks At Night

Night Peacock Bass
Peacock Bass

Can you catch peacock bass at night? The answer is  big fat YES! Peacock bass are great daytime hunters...the are very very fast hard hitting and extremely aggressive. Not to long ago I decided to try to fish for them at night wondering if they would hit lures or bait... to say the least I was pleasantly surprised. They feed at night and its usually a big pea that hits. I found this out one night when I was trying to catch some snook with live bait late at night. I got a hit and thought I had a small snook but was surprised to see a real nice peacock bass. Since then every now and then I will head out as the sun is going down trying to catch a night time peacock....or like I like to call them " The Shadow Hunters". A few days back I loaded up with some nice baits about a dozen mixed Mayans, talapia and baby bluegill and headed out to a few spots. The sun was starting to go down and I wanted to see if I could find one of the big peas. I arrived at the first spot and hooked on the first nervous bait and tossed it in...it did not take long. I saw my line ripping through the water and I knew I was on...I set the hook and the fight was on! I brought him in... it was a nice pea and he had some beautiful colors on him. 

Beautiful Pea
Sunset Pea

The sun was setting and it was dark I knew this was the time I could tangle with a big one. I threw in a few more baits and waited...as I was bringing in one of the baits I saw something following then BOOM a huge explosion right in front of me it was a monster snook! Im not going to lie ...I was not ready for thie size of this fish and the hit...it was a monstrous hit that scarred me to death....this snook was in the 15-20lb range but she hit the bait so hard and fast that I missed the hook set....I was devastated! But thats fishing you win some and you loose some. After the snook crushed me I frantically threw in another bait and was on almost instantly.....was it the snook again? I gave the fish a few seconds to eat the bait then set the hook...it immediately jumped and made a few nice runs...it was not the snook but a nice pea. 

Shadow Hunter
Night Peacock Action

After a quick pic I set him free and then prepared my next bait. So whenever you get a chance to head out at night get some live bait and set out to look for the Shadow Hunters They will not let you down. Since my first night pea I have been hooked ever since. You will also get some other action as well like snook, bass, and tarpon if you are lucky. Remember Spend More Time Fishing and order your fishing line online @Bullbuster.net.

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