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Can I Find Fishing Tackle In Costa Rica?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Can I Buy Fishing Tackle In Costa Rica

When traveling to go fishing what you will bring and what you buy at your destination is always something to keep in mind. This is especially true now that many airlines have been charging more and more for baggage.  This article is about Costa Rica, but it also applies to many countries that you may travel to for fishing. 

Your Best Bet To Find Fishing Tackle In Costa Rica Is In San Jose

If you are going to fish in Costa Rica, whether you are going to Jaco (Los Sueños Resort), or Quepos for excellent Roosterfishing, you will most likely fly into the Capital (San Jose). San Jose is where you probably want to buy your tackle if you are going to do so here.  For a small country, San Jose is actually a pretty busling little city.  The streets are full of people and full of buses bringing people in and out from more rural areas.   There are a number of small tackle stores that you can locate via Google, what Google may or may not tell you, is that their hours, like in many Latin American countries may not be so predictable. The selection however is actually pretty good, and the prices are not too bad.   You should be able to find everything from fishing line, to reels to target everything from Snook to Marlin, and lures for this range as well. 

If you are looking for something very basic and the fishing tackle stores you visited decided not to be open that day, you can also often find a small selection of tackle at local hardware stores.  When I say basic, you may find a few jigs, and handlines, if you are lucky a rod. 

Buying Fishing Tackle Outside Of The Capital

If you are looking for fishing tackle outside the capital, remember that it will be more expensive and the selection will be smaller. In Jaco there are several small tackle stores, and Quepos there is one main store.  Like in many Latin American countries, you may find some small family stores with a random assortment of tackle. 

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