Bullbuster In Action:

Calaveras Lake RedFish

Author: Christopher Meza

Fishing has been relatively slow for me but this past weekend I managed to catch a solid red fish at 34.5 inches. Well I actually started fishing Friday evening after work and it was HOTTTTT and humid. High winds through out the weekend was a big help in staying cool in the shade but once the wind occasionally died down, you could feel the heat! Friday evening was not any good due to little to no live bait and what I was using for bait did not seem to interest them at all. I started using fish bites crawfish and shrimp together, I also used cut gizzard shad and some bluegill but nothing happened all night. Slept a few hours in my truck till a fellow ambassador Lalo showed up with some tacos and some sweet tea.  

After a good breakfast I was back in action and casting out some live bait and fish bites but still nothing had changed. One of our buddies had a kayak and decided to yak some live tilapia in the 4 to 5in range into deeper water and that seemed to be the trick. 

After soaking the baits for some time we had a 27in redfish hit and then my 34.5 in redfish hit on some live tilapia. Gabe who was to the left of us also hit a 33in redfish on live bluegill. All three fish were caught on live bait and the key to producing some solid redfish was to get the bait into deeper cooler water.

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