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Buy Bulk 300 Lb Monofilament Online

Author: Bullbuster Team

Buy 300 Lb Monofilament Fishing Line Online

Because its our mission to help you spend more time fishing we always have our ears open for feedback.  We constantly work to improve both products and the delivery of those products to you in a way that we hope helps members of the Bullbuster community spend more time fishing. We hope you enjoy our fishing lines and the time money you can save by buying directly from our factory.  

Below is our 22 Lb Bulk Spool Of 300 Lb Monofilament 1.65mm (4,213 Yards)

Bulk 300 Lb Monofilament Fishing Line

Why We Released This Spool

For the past few years many shark fishermen as well as some commercial fishermen have been asking us to come out with a 300 Lb fishing line in a bulk spool.  With the release of our bulk 22Lb spools (mainly for land-based shark fishing) but many commercial fishermen have been  buying up these spools as well.   This line has a whole new feel to it. Thinner, Stronger, Better.  A feel that has taken us the past 5 years to develop keeping land-based shark fishing in mind.  We hope you enjoy it and we hope to see some more monster sharks being landed on our 300Lb mono!


If You Are Looking For 300 Lb Test Leader Material...

You've also come to the right place.  We coil all of our leader material here in Miami, Fl just for you. We are spooling and coiling lines on a daily basis to make sure that your line will leave within 24hrs. We also carry crimps made specifically for the leader material here on bullbuster.net (Check out our article on how you will never use the wrong crimp sleeve again)

Below is our leader coil, we make them in 100 yard coils because we have found that with lighter monofilament larger coils don't come out as well. If you need them larger we can make them (only for customers requiring significant quantities of these coils e-mail csbullbuster@gmail.com for this type of inquiry). 

Want A Short Tour Of Our Factory?

Our goal is to help millions of fishermen spend more time fishing.  We hope that we can start doing that by providing you with excellent service and fast delivery of our brand directfishing lines