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#BullbusterAmbassador Feature - Tavis Kagawa

Author: Bullbuster Team

Hawaii School Teacher Finds Passion In Kayak Fishing

#BullbusterAmbassador Tavis Kagawa  is a school teacher in Waimea, HI and catches more fish on a kayak than many people do on boats.  Keep on the lookout to see more content coming from Tavis. 

Below is an awesome video that Tavis posted about a kayak fishing trip he and his buddies took.  While watching this video we contemplated dropping everything and hopping on a plane to try out some Hawaii kayak fishing. 

Yellowfin Tuna Caught While Kayak Fishing

Check out Tavi's first episode on his Youtube Channel.  He captures some EPIC footage!  

Episode 2 on Tavis' youtube channel features some nice Yellowfin tuna!  Not bad for a quick day of kayak fishing!  

Below are some Season Highlights from Tavi's last season of fishing.  Big tunas, Ulua's, & Mahi!

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