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Bullbuster Monofilament Vs. The Hawaiian Reef

Author: Jaren Luke

The Hawaiian Reef Is No Match For Bullbuster Monofilament

I feel fortunate that in my home state of Hawaii, there are many different fishing styles and techniques to choose from. One of my favorite styles of fishing is called slide baiting. It is done from the shoreline and the target fish is called ulua or giant trevally. Ulua can grow to weights in excess of 100 pounds and are considered to be the "king of the reef" in Hawaiian waters. They fight like crazy and use their intelligence to gain the upper hand in the fight.

The terrain that slide baiting is usually done from are rocky cliffs 10-60 feet high above water that is 60-80 feet deep. The underwater topography is also very rugged with sharp reef and coral heads along the bottom. Ulua are famous for running close to these structures in an attempt to cut your fishing line and swim free. 

Ulua Fishing Hawaii
The crew sets up for a great night of Ulua Fishing!

Due to their strength and rugged terrain they inhabit, our mainline is usually 80 pound test monofilament.  It is very important that you use a line that has high abrasion resistance to increase your success in this style of fishing. Fortunately Bullbuster premium monofilament provides me with a product that I can have full confidence in to land trophy fish.  

"I started to feel my line rubbing on the sharp reef"

During a recent shoreline outing to one of my favorite spots, my line was tested to the limit and Bullbuster once again increased my success. It was around 10 pm when I heard the familiar sound of my ratchet as my pole bent over and line peeled from the reel. 

"I patiently waited for another 10 minutes while my line "see-sawed" on the reef"

As I picked up the pole and set the hook, the fish responded with a couple of hard runs and I could tell it was a good sized fish. The fight was nearing the 10 minute mark when I started to feel my line rubbing on the sharp reef. It is a feeling every fishermen dreads but I knew my line would hold until the fish swam the opposite way to pop the line from the reef.

Tako For Ulua Bait
Our Tako (Octopus) lined up ready to become Ulua candy!

I patiently waited for another 10 minutes while my line "see-sawed" on the reef until I felt the line come free. Once free I put maximum pressure on the fish with each boost to bring it to the surface. I soon had a nice 43# ulua on the rocks. Upon closer inspection of my mainline I found it to be severely chafed but still very strong. I couldn't have landed this fish without such a reliable brand of fishing lines. Mahalo once again Bullbuster! Aloha. 

We hope that you enjoyed this article by #BullbusterAmbassador Jaren Luke.  It is our goal to help you spend more time fishing.  Get a hold of our brand direct fishing lines to get started!

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