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Bullbuster Mono - Why Should You Use Brand Direct Bullbuster For Your Every Day Rods.

Author: The Reward Fleet

When running a charter boat, party boat, or personal vessel, consistency is key.

The last thing a captain wants is unforced break offs.  This means you had the fish hooked secure enough to put more tension on the line than it could handle.  Some times you can see a person muscle the fish too hard and break a knot, bend a hook, rip or loose the hook but if all is going well and under normal conditions the line breaks, people tend to get upset.  

That's why when The Reward Fishing Fleet started using Bullbuster, the difference was noticeable. 

Fishing around reefs and underwater structure causes break offs, so going with a heavier test can help prevent that, luckily Bullbuster Monofilament is nearly invisible even at 30 lb test, so the yellowtail will still bite, and you have enough beef on your line to get the fish up and out safely.  Now comes the next test, sharks, after you get the fish off the reef safely, you still have to travel another 50+ feet to the boat through shark infested waters...  not as difficult as it sounds if you are sporting a Bullbuster set up.  With the Bullbuster 20 lb main line mono, and 30 lb mono leader the rods on the boat can pull those snapper away from the sharks with ease, now its up to the angler to crank 'em in.

Reefs, Sharks, and what else?

Sometimes sharks and reefs are the least of your worries.  Those we have figured out how to avoid, now comes the blue fish.  Teeth sharp enough to take a bite out of a yellowtail and leave you wanting more, aggressive enough to continuously feed, and large enough to take half the line off of a light tackle rod if you aren't careful.  That's when we break out the heavy spinners and starting pulling them in, using whole ballyhoo, 30 lb mono, and 50 lb mono leader with a 4/0 circle hook we start snagging these larger blue fish.  Just by slapping the ballyhoo on the water they attack the bait like schooling dolphin.  Once they are hooked its a pins and needles moment because of the teeth and power of these fish.  Just a heads up, the larger ones do not freeze or cook well so we suggest only eating them if you can get it cooked right away.  Bullbuster Mono keeps the tension on the fish while we put on the pressure, works every time!

We Help Millions Of Anglers Spend More Time Fishing

We are the Bullbuster Team, our mission is to help you spend more time fishing.  We accomplish this by selling our fishing line directly from our factory to our customers without any middle men, as well as fostering a community of anglers who are ready to make a commitment to spending more time fishing.

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