Bullbuster In Action:

Bullbuster Mono Gets The Fish In The Boat When Sharks Are Feeding.

Author: The Reward Fleet

Bullbuster Mono holds up under pressure!

On a night that started off well, we found parking directly next to the boat right away, we put Bullbuster Monofilament to the test.  

Capt. Ryan and Mate Bernie set up the boat as we wait in anticipation of another great snapper trip.  

The boat filled up quick as it was a Friday night, boat leaves at 8, and we were lucky to have called in and reserved 2 spots.  Usually you can walk up and hop on but some days the boat fills up quickly and you are better off calling ahead of time to make sure you get a spot on the boat.  I looked around and saw Leaders made of Bullbuster mono 30 lb and 3/0 Circle Hooks, I occasionally take my own Bullbuster Fluorocarbon with me but today I went with the supplied leader and hook.  I quickly grabbed my rod started setting up for some bottom fishing, a 1/2 ounce egg, plastic bead, barrel swivel, 2 Foot Leader and a 3/0 Circle hook, needless to say we were ready for some big Mangrove Snapper.  

"First cast using a chunk of Ballyhoo, YellowTail"

When we arrived to our first location the wind was blowing out of the south east and the current was running north.  We decided to drop anchor and try our luck...  First cast using a chunk of Ballyhoo, YellowTail.... not what we came for this time but never a bad sight.  Marked it 3 in the head and threw it in the cooler, thank you Bernie.  We tossed our baits back and my friend and I are doubled up on huge Mangrove snapper, SHARK!  Here comes the tax man, right on time we both get taxed.  Eager to get back in the water, I almost hook myself in the hand baiting a tail of ballyhoo.  We send one cast far and one close to the boat, FISH ON!  Now we are pulling these snapper up to the boat as fast as possible to avoid the sharks, which is a rush in the moment, and seeing the sharks chase the fish all the way in gets your hands moving pretty quick.  

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