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Bullbuster Grander Leader Vs. Competitor

Author: Jaren Luke

Why Bullbuster Grand Leader Is Effective For Hawaii Big Game Fishing

Since the release of Bullbuster’s Grander Leader coils, I have been impressed with the qualities of the leader material. My favorite qualities are the smaller diameter to breaking strength and the soft feel compared to other brands. I feel it gives my trolling lures the freedom to swim and pop in the boat’s wake giving it more action to entice the fish. This was very evident on my last trolling outing on the west side of Oahu, Hawaii.

The Softness Of The Leader Gives Your Lures Better Swimming Action

The day started out with a little more wind than usual but it made for perfect “trolling water”. We ran a total of five lures; two were my lures rigged with 300# Grander Leader and three were my friend’s lures rigged with 300# competitor leader. The bite had slowed considerably over the past three days but ahi were still being caught. There were lots of boats in the area but it didn’t seem like anyone was hooked up to a fish.

Luckily we spotted a small bird pile working the area and proceeded in their direction. As we maneuvered the boat into position in front of the pile and made a pass, the center pole with my lure took a strike and line began screaming off the Shimano Tiagra reel. Shortly after we had ahi #1 in the boat. We were so stoked to have a nice fish in the boat and the pressure off for the day. After another hour of trolling we spotted another small bird pile and made a pass.  We took another strike on the same lure and leader combo and boated our second ahi of the day! We called it a day with lots of sashimi for friends and family! Once again the Grander Leader outfished the competitor and my friend is now a firm believer in it. Aloha.  

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