Bullbuster In Action:

Bullbuster Braid In Action & Our Constant Battle With Seals!

Author: Chester Gamble

Fishing From Cali 

Here in La Jolla & San Diego California we have amazing Kelp fields that hold many different species like White Sea Bass, Sheep head, Yellow tail, and all different sharks.  With that comes fighting the kelp to land your fish.  This is easier said than done.  Something I have learned is that you must use braid line in the 30-60 lbs test range.  Mono is still able to land the fish but you could also be lifting up to 100 lbs of kelp with it.  Braid allows you to use your line like an underwater saw.  Once your fish is tired all you have to do is move your line up and down and allow it to cut through the kelp.  Additionally, in conjunction with the Bullbuster braid I personally use 4 feet of 30 lbs clear mono or fluorocarbon as my leader.  A uni to uni knot is so easy to tie with the Bullbuster lines and I have yet to have one slip on me.    

Another huge obstacle here is getting away from the seals and sea lions.  They have the ability to destroy your day on the water.  They will follow you for hours to take the bait of your line.

 These cute devils sent from Ursula her self.  It is like our kayak livewells are their dinner bell.  It sounds awful but the only way I have found to beat this beast is to reel in and paddle near someone fishing from a boat with hopes that they stay there. 

As always please hit me up on American Yakers on Facebook (hit the like page) if you would like to fish La Jolla with me or if you have any advice or suggestions on how to get the most out of my Bullbuster lines. Thank you for checking my article out.

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