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Bullbuster Ambassador Starts Jig Business

Author: Bullbuster Team

South Florida Bullbuster Ambassador Starts Jig Business

1) When do you start fishing?
I started fishing when I was a few years old. My first IGFA record was when I 6 years old and have accumulated over 40 IGFA records to date. 

2) What got you into the jig business?

Before I got into making jigs, I used many jigs and would lose a lot of them. After a while I realized that they were getting expensive. I decided one day to purchase the items needed to make jigs. Once I started, I enjoyed making the jigs. I gave a few away one time to a guide not knowing what he would think. He told me one of the best jigs he ever used, from the hook quality to the bucktail not pulling out. He told guides, ever since than I been busy making jigs for guides and tackle stores now. 

3) What makes getting jiggy different from other jig companies? 

Gettin' Jiggy jigs are all made from myself. From pouring the lead to tying the bucktails. I use only the highest quality hooks, bake all my jig heads (Makes a chip resistant paint on the jig), seal all my threads. These simple steps makes the jigs that much better. What I realized when I got into making jigs, most of the large companies don't even pour their own jigs nor use high quality hooks.  

4) Where can we find these jigs online? 

You can find my jigs at www.gettinjiggyusa.com

5) What has being part of the Bullbuster Community done for your business

The Bullbuster community has helped me by knowing more about colors of jigs people like. Even if not everyone buys my jigs, I can learn from everyone what snook like in Stuart, FL even if I don't fish there. I pay high attention to this due to if a customer calls I can help them the best I can. 

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