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Border Fishing Lake Amistad

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Lake Amistad, Located in Del Rio, Texas and half in Acuna, Mexico.

I recently fished Lake Amistad with a fellow co-worker who was took me out on his boat to fish lake Amistad for the first time ever. He wanted me to have the best first experience fishing the lake.

As we launched the boat at 6:30am my excitement just keep growing and Captain Berry was just as excited to have me on his boat fishing with him. We had been talking about this day for about a month and this was the day.

Time to Gets some lines wet.

As we approach our first destination he tells me his weapons are mine and to choose my weapon of choice, so I reach for what I know best. A Spinning reel with a Rattle trap, because I figured since the water is extra clear and blue that the colors of the rattle trap and the Noise it will make with give me the greater advantage and we started off fishing in 15ft of water as we slowly approached the bank with trolling motor. 

First cast was a BUST

but on the SECOND cast, BAM I nailed the first fish of the day. I was extremely excited because I had been talking about how much I love fishing and how much I knew about fishing and wanted to show Captain Berry that I wasn’t a fluke but I got my first Lake Amistad Large Mouth Bass.

As the time went by we keep changing up the spots and lures and caught roughly 10-12 bass together. All in all I learned a lot of new things from Captain Berry and plan on making another trip back to Lake Amistad during spawning season and hopefully I can managed a Striper Bass. No Trophy Bass were caught but ill be back for revenge I can promise that. I also learned how to use other lures and new tricks but threw out the day 

the key to FISHING is always PATIENCE.

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