Bullbuster In Action:

Big Waves, Big Moon And Big Snook

Author: Chase Smith

Fishing For Snook & Drum From The Beach

The other night me and a buddy of mine went out to try and catch some snook off the beach. It was a full moon and we expected to have a good tide all night, but honestly didn't expect the size/amount of snook and black drum we would get. I was using a Quantum Cabo 40 loaded with 20 lb Bullbuster braided fishing line and 40 lb Bullbuster fluorocarbon leader on a 7'6 Shimano Teramar. 

As we walked the beach we got completely soaked by big waves, but on the first cast my buddy catches a beast 39 inch snook. As we continued to cast the fish continued to slam our jigs like freight trains, but most of them didn't get hooked. About thirty minutes went by and I go to slammed again by another toad. This fish fought like a 45 incher, but when we measured her out she was only 38.5 inches. 

The total tally on the night was a 41.5, 40, 39.5, 38.5, two 37's, a 33 and a few nice black drum. All in all amazing night of fishing and never had to change my leader once! 

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