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Author: Patrick Meek

Temp Pushes Drum & Pompano Closer To The Beach

My wife and I hit the giant sandbox one afternoon and found a nice deep trough with a cut in the first bar and set up shop. We went with 5 surf rods ranging from 9 ft to 12 ft for short and long cast. A north wind was blowing making the surf zone very flat. The bait of choice was fresh dead peeled shrimp and once we got our bait's in place we started playing the wait game. I focused more on the rods while my wife Heather was searching for seashells. We didn't play the wait game too long before I yelled to Heather that her surf rod just got slammed! By the time Heather reached her rod, her rod tip was pointing towards Cuba with something big on the other end.

She put her muscles to work for about 10 minutes and after it was all said and done, she reeled in a nice Black Drum around the 35" mark.

After Heather released her Black Drum and got a new fresh bait out, 20 minutes later her surf rod gets slammed again. About 5 minutes into her fight, one of my surf rods gets slammed and I can hear the 30 lb Bullbuster braid singing off the reel. I grab my 12' surf rod and let the fish start pulling drag. After a few pumps to my surf rod, another rod get's hit. Now at this point we have a "triple header" going on. I put my 12' rod in the sand stake with the fish still on and grabbed the 3rd rod. It started pulling hard and slashing left to right. I could tell it wasn't a Drum, but I felt positive that it was a nice Pompano. Within a couple of minutes I landed a nice Pompano in the 3 lb range. Heather managed to land another Black Drum and I finished up what I started and reeled in the 3rd Black Drum of the day.

(Heather showing off our "Triple Header")

After we released our Black Drum, we continued fishing the rest of the afternoon catching 2 more nice Pompano and went home with 3 in the ice chest.

We stayed and watched a nice sunset feeling blessed by the surf gods and after the 3rd Saltwater Catfish caught we called it a day.

Until next time...

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