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Big Snook On The Beach

Author: Chase Smith

Summer Snook Fishing From The Beach

Snook Fishing

When I got off of work last Thursday I headed home to spool up the new reel with some fresh 20 pound Bullbuster braid. I was planning on going to do some night time snook fishing, even though I knew I had to work at six o'clock in the morning the next day.

My buddy and I headed out to one of our favorite spots that we hadn't been to in a while that we know produces some very big fish. Our bait of choice were black DOA paddle tails on 1/2 oz red jig heads with about 3 feet of Bullbuster 30 lb fluorocarbon leader

'I wanted to take that typical "last cast...sure enough I get slammed"'

We got to the beach around 5 pm and fished the incoming tide for a few hours before finally catching a very small snook around 20 inches. Eventually, after ten thousand casts, the tide switched and my friend hooks into a very fat 36" snook. She took him for a ride around some structure, but he managed to weave her out of it and onto the beach. 

This motivated me to stay longer and continue casting, which is exactly what we did. After two more hours without another bite we were about to leave when I decided I wanted to take that typical "one last cast," and sure enough I get slammed by another 36" fatty that also wrapped me up on structure, but eventually I worked her out and got her to the beach.

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Of course what happens after I land this fish? Right, we stay another hour and sure enough that pays off! I wound up landing another wet healthy fish at 33 inches. Although I wanted to keep fishing it was time to go home and get some sort of sleep before the long work day I had ahead of me the next day. All in all, I was very satisfied with this trip and plan on doing it again in a few days!  

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