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Big Snook On Light Tackle!

Author: Arvids Gerulis

Big Snook on Light Tackle! 

I went out fishing on a rainy day this week not expecting to catch much due to the water being murky from all the rain. The water cleared up slowly and I could see the snook. I have noticed small baitfish being chased by snook size ladyfish so I decided to catch some for bait. I was using a small sabiki set up style fishing rod and reel. I had a 2500 Shimano Sedona spooled with 20lb Bullbuster Braid main line and I had put on 20lb Bullbuster Monofilament leader with a small hook. I was using a small live shrimp I bought and tried to catch a ladyfish. Within a couple seconds I felt a strong jerk in the line and Thump, I saw big snook slurp the shrimp and it hit like someone dropped a cinder block on my line. The snook quickly took me under the dock and my drag was at full and it was still going. There was no stopping the fish especially on very light tackle. Surprisingly the line and leader held up and did not break after rubbing against the pilings and structure. I got the fish from under the dock and thankfully someone came running with a net and landed the fish. The snook was slot size but season is closed. It was a big snook to me for the tackle I was using.

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