Bullbuster In Action:

Big Offshore Snapper And Grouper

Author: Chase Smith

layout of the catch
snapper heaven

Offshore Snapper and Grouper.

Friday night we headed offshore about 12 miles to see if we could fill the boat with snapper and grouper. The reels were filled with 20 pound BullBuster braid and we were using 20 pound fluorocarbon leader. It was a 100% full moon, 10-15 knot winds and cold. The wells were filled with live pinfish, grunts and pilchards and we were hoping the full moon would produce. It was a slow ride out in 2-4 foot seas on a 22 foot Carolina Skiff, but we had high hopes. We finally arrived at the spot around 11 pm and started fishing. The bite started off very slow only bringing in a couple of decent sized 15 inch mangroves.

A slight change of wind.

After about two hours the wind switched up a little bit and the boat swung over a different part of the structure. Suddenly the bite was on fire and we were quickly filling the boat with 20+ inch mangroves and lane snapper. I dropped down the biggest live pinfish in the well and as soon as it hit the bottom I got slammed by a 23" gag grouper (too bad they're out of season). We wound up catching 4 more gags that night and two gags at 27" the next morning. All in all we had a very successful trip and the BullBuster line held true like usual! 


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