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Big Bull

Author: Team Reel Deal

Big Bullshark From The Beach

Florida Landbased Sharkfishing In May

"Around 5pm, the rest of the team showed up with the goods and their positive attitudes pushed us forward."

May 23rd, 2017. Jake Departed early morning for a little solo trip but ended up meeting up with a buddy.  Within an hour we had a black tip shark.  After his buddy left, Jake stayed for a while. Thats when the long wait began.  There were nothing but little small runs here an there. Around 5pm, the rest of the team showed up with the goods and their positive attitudes pushed us forward.  We knew the big bite was only a matter of time.   

Sure enough it did! 

Right at about 8 o'clock my avet 80 started getting a run. 

Finally something of some size that was ready to commit  to the bait. I ran over and grabbed the rod...waiting just a few seconds and set the hook! 

Instantly knew this was NOT a small fish, but I didn't know what type of fish I was fighting. I fought it for a good awhile then let Jimmy fight it for awhile and then past it to Joe to fight it then I took it back. And having no harness is no joke. 

The fish fought super hard for what it was a bull shark. I was thinking tiger because it was using it's own weight. But then when it showed it I was like oh man that a big bull shark. We leader the fish got a few pics and was sent back on it's way. The fish was caught on. Bullbuster 130 braided fishing line to Bullbuster 150 monofilament fishing line. Fight time was around 30 or so minutes. If you plan on buying some bullbuster anytime soon please use our code. For 10% off your order. Cjone. Stay tight my friends.

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