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Big Blues 2018

Author: Team Reel Deal

Big November Potomac Blue Catfish 

Nov. 4th 2018 

Started the morning off at 4 am heading south to the lower Potomac my buddy Brandon and myself dropped the boat in and headed down river to put the gill net out to catch shad for bait. We had a hard time catching bait this morning cause their was a tournament that day and the other boats got to the creek before we did. It took us an hour or so just to get enough bait but we made it happen. Got everything situated and headed as little further down river to a spot a never fished. The tide was coming in and we didn't even get all the rods out and we got hooked up to what I call a small blue cat weighing 30lbs. This river has spoiled me with the big blues. Not long after Brandon hooked up to his 45lb blue.

this was also his personal best I'm not sure what happened to this fish but as you see it was beat up pretty good. Right before we were getting ready to release this fish I turned around and one of the rods was doubled over. It was staying at the bottom so I knew it was a good fish and when he finally came to the boat we landed another nice fish pictured at the top weighing in at 50lbs. The day ended with a lot of other smaller fish that we dont take pictures of. All of the fish were caught on cat fight rides from bottom dwellers tackle and using bullbuster mono 50lb test. If you are looking for line check out bullbuster.net and use promo code clone to get 10% off your order. Tight lines my friends. 

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