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Best Hammer Season On Record!

Author: Outcast Fishing

Hammerhead Shark Fishing Charter In South Carolina

Hammerheads, the number one shark requested by customers.  Everytime I hear someone mention how much they'd love to catch one, I can't help but smile. "Everyone wants a hammerhead, until they hook one". 

Unequivocally, the toughest fighting fish in the sea. How tough? Scientists say that approximately only 30% survive being captured, and im guessing the larger ones are even less than that. You have to respect a fish that fights to the death. 

This year has been very unusual. Some seasons I see a dozen, some years only a few. We're at 18 hammerheads and its only the 2nd week of August. Scalloped and Greats ranging from pups to 13 feet.  While our tiger population is terrible, our hammers are picking up the pace. The big question is WHY? Last year was our worst for the T-Heads. I blamed that on our beach restoration project that went on all summer. Something about all that machinery in the water, all the noise, it definitely had an impact on keeping them at bay. 

One fish that they love above all? Tarpon. Yeah, they enjoy sting rays, too, but the Tarpon is the target. When the Tarpon move in, the big hammers fall in line. In June we saw enormous schools of Tarpon moving into the area chasing schools of menhaden. The sounds, creeks and on the beach, they were everywhere. I believe with all the tarpon in the area, the dinner bell rang early and they never left.  

Tackle; I use a 50W Shimano Tiagra with 200lb braid. The leader is 15 feet of 400lb mono with 2 feet of single strand wire.  If we only had hammers in the area, id use all mono, but the blacktips, bulls, lemons will chop through mono like a wet brown bag.  The teeth on hammerheads aren't that aggressive and the mouth is small. You won't get the cross leader chafing on the opposite side of the jaw like you do other sharks. 

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