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Best Fishing Of The Year Is Right Around The Corner

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Spring Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Charters

Spring fishing always brings the BIG fish.  Boca Grande Florida is famously known for tarpon fishing.  We are lucky enough to live where these fish migrate to every year.   Tarpon is a fish on every angler's bucket list. The reward is in mastering the difficult catch!  Why do they come here in such extreme numbers?  FOOD!   

Hill Tides = Best Tarpon Fishing

Hill tides are some of the strongest tides of the year, occurring in spring. While they aren't the only time to catch a tarpon, they are some of the most productive tides for a bite. During a hill tide, the strong current flush thousands of crabs out from the Peace River and Charlotte Harbor to thousands of hungry migratory tarpon!

Tarpon Fishing Charter Boca Grande
Customer hooked up to a nice Spring Boca Grande Tarpon.

Having the right gear is extremely important. Tarpon are powerful and unpredictable.  Leaping feet into the air, tangling line and regularly causing chaos and FUN.  It isn't uncommon for an angler to hook multiple fish before finally getting one boat side for photo and release!   Bullbuster products stand up to these abusive fish.  

We hook up to these silver kings with live bait, using 50lb Bullbuster braid to a 40-60lb fluorocarbon leader. 7/0 Heavy duty circle hooks, really burry it in the button ( top lip ) is your best chance of keeping the fish on the line.   Have you ever felt a tarpon's mouth?  Its similar to setting hook into cement. 

Boca Grande Tarpon Charter
Boca Grande Tarpon Boatside

2020 Hill Tide Dates

May 6th-11th & 21st-27th

June 3-10th & 18th-25th

July 1st-8th

Book your trip online. Reserve with a 100$ deposit, hill tide dates book quickly!

Check out our Tarpon Fishing information section.

Maximum 3 anglers per vessel. Multi boat & cooperate trips available.

Call / Text 941-661-0304 for inquires.

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