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Best Fishing Lines For Landbased Shark Fishing

Author: Bullbuster Team

What Is The Best Line For Landbased Shark Fishing?

This article serves as a guide to choosing what fishing line you will need for shark fishing.  We will cover, how to spool your reel and what lines will work for different types of shark fishing and situations. 

Lines For Landbased Shark Fishing

There are two main factors to consider when choosing your lines for landbased shark fishing.  First, you must consider the type of shark you will be targeting and then you must consider the area you are fishing.  

Size Matters

We like to break down the sizes of sharks you can catch from land into three different size brackets.  Sharks in these size ranges require significantly different tackle. 

Sharks Up To 6 Feet

Sandbar Shark caught by #BullbusterAmbassador Team South Florida Sharks

Mono: 20-50 Lb monofilament fishing line

Braid : 30-65 Lb braided fishing line

Sharks Under 10 Feet

Tiger shark caught by #BullbusterAmbassador Team True Blue

Mono : 80-100 Lb monofilament fishing line

Braid: 80-Lb braided fishing line

Sharks  10 Ft + 

Hammerhead shark caught by #BullbusterAmbassador Team Ninja Sharkers

Mono: 125Lb -300 Lb monofilament fishing line

Braid: 130Lb -200 Lb braided fishing line

Location Location Location

The area where you are fishing most often should influence how you spool your shark reels.  Below we cover a few scenarios that you should consider. 

Lots Of Reef Where You Fish

 If you often fish in places where there is a lot of reef, the last thing you want it your braid to touch the reef and break on jagged edges.  In this situation you want the braid to only cover the bottom 1/4 of your spool and to be used for EMERGENCY ONLY. 

Structure Such As Pilings & Crab Traps 

If you are fishing in an area where such as a pier or a bridge where there is lots of structure.  You are going to want to use heavier mono on your reel to improve its abrasion resistance. 

Open Sandy Beach 

If you are fishing an open sandy beach where even if there is reef its in really deep water, this is where you are going to want to PACK  THE BRAID ON!  This is a great spot for landing BIG sharks with ease since there is plenty of room to let them run.  In this situation you are going to want to fill 2/3 of your reel with braid.