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Bahamas Dorian Relief Trip #1 Recap

Author: Mike Milewski

We returned back from the Bahamas specifically, West End and Bootle Bay delivering much needed supplies to close friends and their families from the wrath of Hurricane Dorian.  

Typical when pulling into west end to clear custom, myself and our crew are filled with joy, excitement and ready for our vacation to begin! Mr. Harry greets us on his bicycle and gets a few fresh conch salads ready. In Addition Eddie is preparing a few Gully Washes and welcomes us back to the Bahamas!

Unfortunately on this trip the beautiful blue water coming into Old Bahama Bay upon arrival was missing. We were greeted with the smiles, joy and a sense of relief by the Bahamian community.  We spent some time handing out supplies to the local community in west end for an hour. Then it was time to head south and met up with some of our great friends and their families down in Bootle Bay.  

Pulling into Bootle and seeing our friends was a very emotional experience. A few weeks prior to this trip we had the time our lives for four days enjoying days, nights, and created many memories both on and off the water!

Our friends and their families have lost their homes due to the 20ft storm surge and now are left with nothing. It is truly horrible to see such great people go through this tragic experience!

We will be continuing our relief efforts every weather window we get to help our friends in the Bahamas. 


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