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Backcountry Seatrout And Snook Action

Author: Albert Acosta

Fishing The Everglades For Snook & Sea Trout

Backcountry Snook
Snook Action

It was the Miami Boat Show weeend and I usually go to it and look at all the new boats. Several years ago thats where I saw the Epic Tails...my Epic 22SC bay boat. For the first time and went on to purchase her. So something told me not to go to the boat show and cheat on the Epic Tails with all those new fancy beautiful boats and take her out fishing.
The Epic Tails
Bullbuster Ready for Action!
I got my wife and little son ready and out we went for a day of fishing in Everglades National Park. It was a beautiful  morning heading out to the fishing spots and I could not wait to start throwing the lines in the water. Once we arrived at the spot the water was beautiful and calm with the tide still flowing out to the Gulf. We had live shrimp that we had picked up nice and early and we were ready for some fishing action.  I had my Quantum Cabo's loaded with Bullbuster 30 lb Braid with 40 lb flourocarbon with a Monster 3X artificial shrimp and 1/2 jig head. We settled down in a spot and started throwing out baits and lures. It was not long before we were getting hits on the live shrimp and lures....nice seatrout. The seatrout were hitting everything we were throwin into the water. We were catching trout almost on every cast and they were getting bigger.  
Beautiful Seatrout

We were catching some real nice trout and my son Alex was on as well. He landed his trout and we started filling up the fish box. We love seatrout they are a very tasty fish and these trout were nice and fat. I started using the artificial shrimp and started catching bigger seatrout....they loved  that big artificial shrimp. I kept throwing that big shrimp knowing there were other fish in the area ....and I was right! A big hard hit and long run....I knew what it was....it was a big snook.  Here is short video of the snook fight. 

I fought the fish and she was fighting heard making some nice runs and head thrashing on the surface, I worked her closer to the boat praying that the Bullbuster 40lb floro would hold....and it did! I got her close and screamed for my son to net that big snook...and he did great! Snook was landed aboard the Epic Tails....she rewarded us for not cheating on her at the boat show....she's a great boat and she catches fish...we are together forever.! Remember Spend More Time Fishing and order your fishing lines and tackle at www.Bullbuster.net.  Super strong fishing lines!
Son Alexander with Nice Trout

Snook Fooled on Artificial


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