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"Are You Down With The Thickness?"

Author: #TeamDorsal

Large bull sharks are one of the most territorial species out there. They have been known to attack kayaks while a person was paddling out a deep drop. Pound for pound they will stretch some mono and beat you up if you let them. When targeting large bulls we like to use bullbuster 1000lb mono about 25 foot  - i like the clear color to the mono its translucent in water almost invisible. Bait: i prefer using large southern rays. Hook them up on a 20/0 non stainless circle hook and 600lb cable. When a bullshark picks up your bait they tend to start with a slow run that slowly speeds up. Let them eat for a little "about 20 seconds - 30 seconds" then flip your drag up and give it to them. They will yank alot of drag on their initial run at about 55lbs strike. Which on a Everol 14/0 is nothing but a quick pull. After a 15 minute fight the fish was in and on the beach. The bullbuster leader material lets us put max pressure on the large sharks. When doing so you are able to get them in faster and make for a quick safe release. Fun fact: AN AUSTRALIAN GOLF COURSE IS INFESTED WITH BULLS!! Carbrook golf club located near Brisbane, Australia. There has been known to be 6 to 12 bullsharks swimming in the 50 acre lake on the course. The biggest shark being larger the 9ft recorded back in 2003. Wish I could go there, playing golf sipping IPA and waiting on a reel to start screaming with a monster lake bullshark on the other line. That sounds like a great Sunday afternoon activity. 

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